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Dear Merle,

"I am currently receiving your free 10 day ecourse. You're an extraordinary writer and a fantastic asset to the small business industry. Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge. You are much like the beacon light of a lighthouse guiding people like me through the fog of ecommerce and thus I greatly appreciate you!"

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Melannie L. Godfrey



"I can't begin to say enough good things about your 10-Day E-course. It's the very first course I actually looked forward to reading. And read them all I did! They were concise, well organized and full of valuable information.

Thank you for explaining the entire process in logical order while providing the steps necessary to make it on the 'net.

Please add my name to the list of 'very satisfied customers'. I look forward to continued good work from you."

K. P-Britt
Top Of The Line Business Services


"I appreciated the free course. I did learn a few new things and really appreciated the links you provided in the text. I have bookmarked several of them for a deeper exploration as soon as I have time. I am working on putting several of the principals in to practice as I continue to develop our site."

Lisa Johns


"Thank You Merle! Your E-Course is one of the best I've had the pleasure of receiving. Every single chapter is worth so much. I learned lots of stuff and am putting it to use. I recommend this course to anyone just starting out and even to those with medium Internet experience."

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"We thank you for your free 10 Day E-Course on how to promote and market your website, We have had to setup a separate folder to be able to store all the information that you have sent to us. We have found so many good points within the course and it is taking much more than 10 days to fully study and appreciate the information your have supplied and by storing it this way we can take much more time to digest the many finer points.

There is considerable information available on the market, but you seem to have been able to bring the best of it together in a single package (10 day E-course) for this we are must thank you for removing much of the humbug and showing the finer points of marketing.

The information available from this 10 day E-course will be used for some considerable time to come."

Yours Sincerely
David Fincher
Dovada Pty Ltd.

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Hi Merle!

"Thanks for the interesting lessons. I work in Sweden in the business of SEO/SEM. The whole business of SEO/SEM is rather new in Sweden although many companies say they have worked for a long time with Search Engine Optimization. I try to read as much material as possible and your e-course was one of the BEST I have seen so far. I can understand if you are doing well, as you seem to posses a lot of knowledge in this area."

Peter Isaksson


Hi Merle,

"Many thanks for the free 10 day course. Thoroughly enjoyed and found useful.

I am just rebuilding my on-line business so I haven't put all ideas in yet but found this course excellent in helping me to avoid traps that I could fall into.

The email format was easy to read and the information put succinctly so I could quickly grasp it. I appreciated the fact that you didn't pad the information to make the article longer than was needed.

If this course is still being offered, I would like to recommend it to others."

Philip Griffiths


Hi Merle

"This E-Course of yours is about the best that I have come across so far. For me at least, it has gathered the essential pieces together in a systematic way. Your suggestions as to where to look with links to click in particular has been the most helpful. So, let me say thank you to you, rather than you to me."

Peter M.K. Chan


Hi, Merle...

"I just had to write and tell you that I found your '10 Day E-Course' to be the most informative, up-to-date, concise and easiest to follow that I've come across in quite some time... I can't believe that your giving this information away for FREE... Are you MAD???

You have a gift for explaining, in depth and in an easy to absorb manner, all the methods that you personally use to promote and market your own winning web sites.

I can tell you, that by following your very clear, easy to implement instructions and directions to the most essential resources on the Internet, in just a couple of days after completing the '10 Day E-Course', I am already seeing FANTASTIC results with my own web sites...

I still can't believe that I was able to get all this valuable information for nothing... Nada... Zilch... So while you still appear to be dazed after falling out of the stupid tree and hitting every branch on the way down, now would probably be a good time to ask you a favor..

My hat comes off to you, Merle for guiding me quickly and safely around all of the hurdles and hassles that I would have otherwise had to face had I not had access to your '10 Day E-Course'."

Thank you...
David G. Smith
The Internet Business Handbook

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Thanks for the 10 day ecourse and also for doing the leg work and researching the many links you provided for the topics you addressed. You have provided a total process of how to make a website successful, from finding keyword phrases right through to link popularity. I am already using your suggestions and will continue to revise and improve my website using the information in your tutorials.'

Thank You,