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If you need help with your website marketing/promotion you need this ebook. It's loaded with 50 ways you probably never have thought of to get traffic to your site. The book is in PDF format and it's 17 pages of the best online resources you'll find. To get your copy please fill out the short form and an email will be sent to you with download instructions.

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"Congratulations on a great book.
What always impresses me about your writing is that you really give a lot of information and free resources. Though I know that articles and ebooks are often written with the intention of driving traffic to your own enterprises and your affiliate programs, you do it in a way that puts an emphasis on giving rather than taking.

Donald Nelson

"I liked the ebook and I think it's a great reference for traffic building. If someone would really apply all the traffic generation methods in your ebook then I wouldn't doubt that this person would receive thousands of visitors every day to their website. I'll use your ebook as a reference when I plan a promotion campaign for my next site. Thanks for writing such valuable resource."

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"Hi Merle! This is a great e-book, I love it and I'm sure my readers will too! There's a lot of cool traffic generating tips here I've personally never thought of and I'm raring to try them out. The book is full of what matters, real usable content and NO fluff. Why focus on PPCs and SEO with amazing strategies like these? I can't believe you're giving this away - but thank you all the same!"

Stuart Reid -

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"Thanks, Merle. I like this! I was fearing some giant elaborate work, and found a nice simple list of things that work. Which is exactly what you said it was. :D"

Dan Thies, SEO Research Labs


"Hi Merle. Just a quick note to say 'thanks and well done'. I've been looking long and hard for an ebook to offer my ezine subscribers that covers ALL the bases and your "50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website" is perfect. While experienced marketers will find ideas in there that they won't have thought of, your ebook is particularly well-suited to those marketers still learning the ropes. I defy anyone to scroll through its pages and not be inspired by the ideas you've covered."

Michael Hopkins,

Below is my testimonial:

I just finished your Ebook, and I may say that you did a great job... I even found some handy resources that I never heard of before... and you know that I've been online for some time ;-) Anyway, I will recommend your Ebook to all my subscribers, because it contains all the web sites and useful tools that anyone who starts a business on the Internet will ever need. Well done!

Dirk Dupon, from